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T8 Universal Ended Bypass Lamps

Universal Ended Installation – 2 in 1 Solution

This series of T8 linear LED tubes are suitable for both single ended and double ended installations with only one product, providing more flexibility and optimized stock management cost for distributors and contractors.

Available in 2‘, 3’ and 4’ for 17W-32W T8 fluorescent lamps replacement, these lamps provide great energy saving solutions with ultra-high efficacy up to 170 LPW. Select models are film coated and NSF certified.

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INNOFIT Plus Commercial Downlight

Unrivaled Efficiency. Upgraded Flexibility.

The INNOFIT Plus pairs industry leading efficiency with upgraded flexibility.

Powered by both SelectDrive and SelectKelvin technologies, this new and improved downlight family offers 3 field-selectable light output and 3 color temperature selections. One product provides nine unique combinations of light output and color. With an industry-leading efficacy of up to 130 lumens per watt, installing the INNOFIT Plus offers maximum energy savings and results in a swift ROI.

The new INNOFIT Plus is available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 9.5” sizes with models available for either 0-10V or 120V TRIAC/ELV dimming systems. The previous generation of INNOFIT with fixed CCT is still available with 6″ and 8″ 0-10V dimmable models.

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CCT Select Emergency T8

Industry’s First CCT Select Emergency T8

Powered by SelectKelvin technology, the emergency T8 LED tube from GREEN CREATIVE provides maximized flexibility and optimized stock management.

The tube is engineered for providing all-in-one solution for both general and emergency lighting in three selectable color temperatures with integrated SelectKelvin switch, offering 6 SKU combinations with only 1 SKU in stock.

In case of power outage, it offers 90 minutes of light at 600lm under emergency use, exceeding the minimum illuminance requirement in most applications. The integrated real-time self-test design will perform continuous testing and monitor the battery status any time. Manual testing is also possible with the easy-accessible test button. No accessory kit needed.

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SELECTFIT G2 Commercial Downlights

Greater Selection

Better FIT

SELECTFIT G2 from GREEN CREATIVE brings greater flexibility to your retrofit project or new construction application while maintaining the excellent performance and quality.

With a total of 180 field installable SKUs packed in only 6 product SKUs, this new and improved lighting family still offers integrated CCT and lumen output selections.

For additional flexibility, the SELECTFIT G2 series now features DualDim technology and a full set of accessories. Enjoy greater selection and better FIT now with SELECTFIT G2 commercial downlights.

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Deco Large Size Filament Series

Illuminate in Style

Deco large size filament series from GREEN CREATIVE combines the timeless beauty of classic style or simplicity & elegance of modern style with the durability, reliability, and energy savings of advanced LED technology.

Either installed into an existing fixture or simply used as a stand alone fixture, these decorative light bulbs create a pleasant glow for a vintage or modern atmosphere.

The deco large size filament series also best matches with our E26 base pendant light kit, offered in elegant golden finish or classic black finish.

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SelectDrive T5 HO Universal Ended Bypass

Outclassing Brightness

Practical Adjustability

The T5 High Output linear LED tube combines performance, efficiency, and field flexibility, providing a supreme energy-saving solution for your retrofit project.

The T5 HO offers an industry-leading light output of 3,700 lumens, providing power that rivals traditional fluorescent tubes and surpasses other LED lamps in its class.The integrated SelectDrive switch allows lighting professionals to choose from high, medium, or low power settings based on their project’s requirements, adding practical adjustability to each project.

Built-in universal driver allows the lamp to run directly off 120-277V line voltage in either single-ended or double-ended installations, free from expected ballast compatibility or earlier failure issues.

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MULTIFIT Commercial Downlights

Multiple Choices

Exceptional Flexibility

The MULTIFIT downlight family offers multiple product choices with abundant built-in features, providing exceptional flexibility to fit any lighting application.

With an integrated CCT selection switch on the driver, the MULTIFIT provides five color options ranging from 2700K to 5000K to match your environment. The product’s DualDim feature means that dimming is easy with both TRIAC/ELV and 0-10V systems with just one product, less hassle for the installation and more flexibility for lighting control.

Offered in a variety of lumen outputs and various product designs, the MULTIFIT downlight series has a light that can suit your application no matter your business lighting requirement.

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VERSA Filament Series

Remarkably Efficient

Greatly Versatile

Designed for efficiency in energy consumption and versatility in retrofitting, the VERSA filament lamp series is the optimal choice for conveniently upgrading most existing incandescent lamp applications.

In addition to the existing A19 lamps, candles lamps in clear, frosted and amber finishes are added now in VERSA series for 25W-60W traditional candle shaped incandescent replacement!

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SelectDrive PAR38 High Output Lamp

Powerfully Effective

Extra Flexible

Pioneering field-selectable PAR38 HO lamps delivering exceptional efficacy and flexibility for both residential and commercial use.

Generating up to 2,500 lumen light output, the lamps are suitable to replace 250W halogen light sources. Featured with our SelectDrive technology with 3-level power output options, the PAR38 HO lamps provide reduced stock management cost and better flexibility to clients in the field.

SelectDrive PAR38 HO was selected also in the 2022 IES Progress Report as the first selectable lumen output PAR38 with 277V capability.

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PinFit PL Omni Lamps

Evolution In Retrofitting

A patented modular socket design and embedded universal driver make the PinFit PL Omni suitable for any PL lamp retrofit application.

The proprietary modular socket design allows for easy switching of the lamp socket from G24q to G24d in the field for great installation versatility. An embedded universal driver allows the lamp to perform in electronic ballast, magnetic ballast or no-ballast environments.

Driving evolution in retrofitting, PinFit PL Omni is also proudly selected in the 2022 IES Progress Report.

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Value Select A Lamp Additions

NEW VALUE SELECT A lamps for 40W and 60W incandescent replacements.

These new models provide you excellent price to performance ratio without sacrificing our rigorous quality standards.

The new 40W equivalent models are offered in a PACK of 4, providing optimized cost and value to contractors for everyday retrofitting projects.

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Flangeless SM Kit for 2″ Cylinder

Redefine Clarity

The versatile PXCYL cylinder 2″, 4″, 6″ and 8″ downlights are available in comprehensive mounting options of pendant, suspension, track, surface, wall and wall uplight.

Addition of this new Flangeless SM Kit accessory helps for seamless surface mount installation of the 2″ cylinder onto ceiling for better easthetic and greater versatility.

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TRUE BEAM Lenses Additions

TRUE BEAM Square and CCT shift lenses are available for ORBIT track light now. Use the square lens for highlighting specific painting or architectural details, and the CCT shift lenses with warmer colors for creating welcoming and relaxing environments.

ATOM track and REFINE MR lamps also received the addition of CCT shift lenses in addition to all other existing TRUE BEAM accessories for even more design flexibilities.

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New High CRI90 Value Select PAR Lamps

New series of Value Select PAR lamps for 50W – 120W halogen replacement.

These PAR lamps are featured with high CRI 90 for great color accuracy, suitable for wet locations and totally enclosed fixtures.

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Updated Series of T5 Bypass Lamps

Updated series of T5 single-ended and universal-ended bypass lamps for 14W-54W linear fluorescent replacement.

These lamps are NSF certified and UL classified. 4′ models are DLC 5.1 listed for meeting local rebate programs.

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Updated Series of T8 Bypass Lamps

Our T8 single ended bypass (UL Type B) linear LED lamps are updated with the new versions, which meet the latest DLC 5.1 requirements and are NSF certified.

The previous T8 single ended bypass lamps in VALUE SELECT line will be phased out and available until sold out, at which time orders will be transitioned to the new versions.

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75W Equivalent REFINE GU10 Lamps

Our REFINE MR Series of LED lamps are receiving new additions of 75W equivalent GU10 versions, which features TRUE CHROMA technology for best-in-class color accuracy and compatible with TRUE BEAM accessories for great design flexibility.

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Updated PLL 13W DIR Lamps

Updated PLL 17W BYP Lamps

Our PLL lamps are updated with the new 13W DIR and 17W BYP versions, which meets the latest DLC 5.1 requirements.

The previous 13W DIR and 17W BYP lamps will be available until sold out, at which time orders will be transitioned to the new version.

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GREEN CREATIVE’s TRUE BEAM accessories help designers to precisely realize their lighting concepts!

Now the family is further expanded with additional Color Shift Lenses for easily adjusting the feel and color of any space.

TRUE BEAM square distribution and color shift lenses can also work with ATOM Track, enhancing your lighting design.

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Updates to The Widest Range of PL Lamps

Bypass and Hybrid Bypass PL & PLS lamps received upgrades in efficacy!

GREEN CREATIVE offers the most comprehensive range of compact fluorescent replacement lamps. You can choose from various installation types of UL Type A, B, A+B, or C with external LED driver, with light output in horizontal, vertical or omnidirectional, and in different lamp bases of 2-pin (G24d, GX24d, G23, GX23) and 4-pin (G24q, GX24q, 2G7, 2GX7, 2G11). Select models are also DLC5.1 listed already for meeting local rebate programs for reducing further the initial cost.

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SPECFIT Retrofit Square Additions

The best-in-class commercial downlight family is now available with 4” and 6” square reflectors for retrofit applications.

Whether it is a retrofit, remodel, or new construction project, SPECFIT will accommodate your Commercial, Education, Office, Hospitality or Retail projects.

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Type C PLL Lamps

A series of PLL lamps working with GREEN CREATIVE’s single wattage and SelectDrive external LED Drivers, replacing 36W-40W 2G11 compact fluorescent lamps.

These lamps are featured with high efficacy up to 157 LPW, high quality flicker free light, and 0-10V dimmable for more flexible control and greater energy savings. DLC 5.1 qualified also for meeting local rebate programs requirements.


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2″ PXCYL Cylinder Downlight

The addition of 2″ size cylinder available in surface mount, wall mount, pendant, suspension, and track installations further expanding the versatile choices of PXCYL cylinder downlight family.

Suspended mount ready for single circuit J type track system, the 2″ cylinder pair greatly with our ORBIT track light for consistent interior design. Flangeless surface mount kit is available also for seamless integration of the 2″ PXCYL cylinder on the ceiling.


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PAR56 VHO Lamp with PAR64 Adapter Ring

The PAR56 family are extended with the new 5,000 lumen addition for 500W halogen replacement.

Also additional PAR64 adapter ring is designed for easily converting the lamp to fit into PAR64 fixtures.

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High Efficiency T8 DIR Linear LED Tube

T8 DIR (Type A) linear LED lamps with excellent high efficiency of 189LPW for better energy savings.

Direct plug-and-play replacement of 32W fluorescent lamps for general lighting applications. Available in 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K color temperatures. DLC 5.1 listed for qualifying local rebate programs.

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Compact HID Replacement Bulbs

Unparalleled Adaptability

A versatile series of compact HID replacement bulbs with an integrated SelectDrive switch for complete field flexibility.

Providing light output ranges from 2000 to 5000 lumens, these lamps are design with integrated lumen-adjustment switch that allows lighting professionals to alter the light output right for the application, ideal for easy installation in bollards, canisters, and enclosed streetlights.

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PXCYL Cylinder Downlight

Redefine Clarity

Optimal flexibility
Industry leading field-selectable lumen output, five field changeable optical distributions, and wide range of dimming options.

Comprehensive mounting choices
Multiple mounting options means more customization. From artistic to purely utilitarian, PXCYL is suitable for any commercial or residential applications.

Smooth and subtle appearance
A shallow design and refined finish offer a simplistic yet polished aesthetic.

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Imagine True Precision

The REFINE MR16 lamps with TRUE BEAM accessories deliver accuracy in color, efficiency in power, and flexibility in design.

GREEN CREATIVE’s proprietary REFINE lens efficiently delivers powerful light with intense center beam candle power and even light distribution, while eliminating uncomfortable glare.

These lamps are powered by GREEN CREATIVE’s TRUE CHROMA technology ensuring best in class color rendering and color consistency, compatible with TRUE BEAM accessories
which enable professionals to precisely realize any lighting design that can be imagined.

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