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Flicker Free LED Lighting

When choosing an LED light, do you consider how flicker will affect your application? If not, please take a moment to learn about flicker and how it can impact your lighting environment.

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Color Rendition of LED Light

Have you ever wondered the colors of the objects you saw were true or not? It might not be a question to ask if under natural sunlight. But for artificial light sources, such as LED light, that is worth to think twice. Read further to understand how color is reproduced by artificial LED light sources.

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LED Light Color Consistency

Light color consistency became a concern among lighting professionals ever since the traditional incandescent light sources were replaced by newer energy saving lighting technologies, like fluorescent or HID (High-Intensity Discharge lamps). Since the introduction of LED lighting, light color consistency has become an even bigger concern. Continue reading to learn more about the color consistency for LED light.

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